What is Digital Transformation? 

Digital Transformation – It is hard to define clearly a Digital Transformation, and attempting doing so, often results in exactly the opposite, misunderstanding of the term.

Digital transformation may sound like it’s something you’d hear in a buzzword bingo, but it is actually, one of the most important trends facing the economy today. Many things which use to work just fine in the past, simply don’t seem to be working any more.

Adopting digital technologies is not about replacing any of the existing systems with an upgrade, or building a new website or not even having a mobile app.

Digital transformation is the changes associated with digital technology and integration of this technology into ALL ASPECTS of our human life and society.

Adopting digital technologies into our lives needs to be seen as a change of culture.

People change their mindset and their behavior as we speak. The way industries are orgaznized has been changing as we speak. The way societies function has just as well been changing. Social media, channels, networks impact the ways people communicate and interaction undergoes through a constant change. It all results in forming a generation of new business models and new, and even more interdependent ecosystems.

Public access to the Internet changed the very way we use it , and then how we work, life, play. Internet of things, mobile and social technologies result in unexpected data growth, in new analytics requirements, and completely new business models.

The Internet became an AIR of digital times. We cannot work nor live without the connection to the internet.

And technology itself is like an OXYGEN. It is almost everywhere. And there will be more and more technology sourrunding our daily lives. We live in the era of internet of things and internet of body.

In such widely digitalized world, being OFFLINE becomes a LUXURY.

This is a time of Digital Darwinism, where technology and society are evolving faster than their ability to adapt does. With every single new device, new trend, new innovation, companies are presented with opportunities and challenges. It is not about changes but about a transformation into new, and often into unknown.

The world is smart, it’s connected and interdependent. We are defenitely not heading in the direction of a “simpler” time or to a slower, less connected world.

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