About me

I’m passionate about life as a whole , innovation and technology as a phenomenon, with hands on experience in banking, healthcare and telecommunication industries.


I stand right in-between the worlds of technology, business innovation and psychology. I act as a catalyst and foster curiosity to help lead the adaptation to rapidly changing environments and to help to drive organizational agility (internally and externally).
I’m continually learning from (and contributing to) the growing community of tech / fintech innovators and disruptors.
I find challenging situations energizing and love getting others enthused and focused on the core issues in demanding situations. As a leader, I’ve got an ability to identify growth opportunities and seem to know how to empower people to achieve the optimum outcomes. I’m passionate about digital transformation (and its impact) and innovation trends within IT.

I’m a member of the IBM Academy of Technology.

Proud mom of 3 kids, a runner, mountains’ lover.


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